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BE SINCERE!!! 5k Daily To Remain In Nigeria OR ?? Ghana Visa – Which Would You Accept?

Hello Everyone,

This Country don tire everybody make we no lie, even me self, I don tire  Everybody is looking for the slightest opportunity to japa comot 

First, let me do a simple calculation for you all 

5k daily x 30 days = ₦15k Monthly – right?

So, let me rephrase the question to you all again.

15k Monthly Salary To Be In Nigeria OR Visa To Ghana – Which Would You Accept?

We really want to know which option you would accept if you are presented with such offer.

Drop your comments.


Na money be fine bobo ooo / If Money dey, I swear nowhere for this life sweet reach Naija if you know your way around.

Let’s know your decision on the subject matter.

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