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Differences between two legend of the football game “Messi and Ronaldo”

Differences between two legend of the football game “Messi and Ronaldo”

Messi as we all know is more talented of the two, while Ronaldo is more of hard working.

Messi in his game like to dribble more often to create space for his teammate while Ronaldo like to shoot on himself to have more goals.

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Messi is more a complete player which has the ability of Dribbling, Passing, Assisting and Scoring, while Ronaldo only focus on Scoring, though sometimes he do make an assists but not often like Messi.

Messi usually make his team mate a better player due to his style of playing, because he is so generous to other players of his teammate example he gave penalties to his teammates, while Ronaldo is more selfish always go for goals all alone.

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While Messi is humble person Ronaldo is more arrogant claiming he is the best of his generation, and we all know Messi is bit better to say the truth base on the fact statically.

Messi has mote trophies than Ronaldo and even personal awards.

While Ronaldo has played in four (4) different league, Messi only played in laliga not until he left for league one of a recent.

Messi won Balloon Dior six (6) time’s to Ronaldo who won five (5), maybe Messi is favourite to win his 7th by december, who knows only time will tell.

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Ronaldo had more champions league than than Messi, Ronaldo has won five (5) Champions League, one (1) at Man Utd and four (4) at Madrid in Laliga, while Messi has four (4) Champions League to his name which he won at Barcelona in Laliga League.

Currently while Ronaldo is playing for Juventus I Italian League which is known as Seria A, Messi on the other has is playing for PSG in France with a player like Di Maria his teammate at international level they both won Copa Americal Cup together of recently.

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