Gist: I Am The Queen Of Skincare In Nigeria say’s Oyindamola Abiona

In an exclusive interview with one of the best skincare Therapist in Nigeria Mrs Oyindamola Abiona CEO HoneyGlow Beauty World this is what she has to say about herself, business and her personal life… 
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1. What’s your name please?

Oyindamola Abiona

2. Where are you from and where do you reside?

3. Are you married or Single?
4. Can you tell us about your business and what it’s all about?
HoneyGlow Beauty World is a certify skincare brand and our major aim is to eradicate rough skin, make your skin flawless without any side effect because of product is specially an organic product, Zero chemical
5. In What year did you establish Your Business and what inspired you?

2015 to be precise
6. How did you come about this product?
From researching about it, it actually took me time and effort to make research both online and offline, getting the ingredients is another thing entirely,.
Let me not go into details Shaa lol
7. How effective would you say it is?
Super Effective, pure organic and zero chemical
8. Are they any side Effects?
Nope Nope Nope, our products are topnotch with no atom of side effect… We are ? % satisfactory with no scam history
9. How many states in Nigeria do you cover?
36 state in Nigeria… We are everywhere and we deliver our product promptly to any of the states in nigeria
11. What has been your customer response so far?

100% satisfactory… Their responds so far has made me achieve more in the skincare line, I get positive response and it gingered me to want to more and research more about my buisness
12.Can you be refer as the queen of skincare In Nigeria?
OH yeah ? I can beat my chest that Honeyglow is the best with no scam history, our products are effective and affordable, the rate our clients commend on my product is A1, I can proudly say I am the queen of skincare in Nigeria, soon ama be the best in the world ?

12. Where is your head office LOCATED?

Iju ishaga axis of lagos
13. Where do you see yourself and your company in the next few years?
I see myself making more effective product to erase the dirty skins both in naija and abroad, I see my business taking over the international standard of thr skincare business… I pray God Almighty effect it (AMEN)
14. Has the corona Virus affected you in anyway?
Haaa.. It has affected my business ooo, not just my business tho, it has affected more businesses in Nigeria and I pray this thing go off soon cos so many clients wants their product delivered to them but the lockdown isn’t help matter Atall
15. What did you do to savage hunger around your axis this corona period?
I supported the people of ogba with food and lots of package to assist during the pandemic, I also gave a whooping sum of money online as Giveaway to also support people…

15. How fast do you deliver your product to your client worldwide?

Very prompt… That’s my number 1 target, I don’t joke with delivery Atall, in fact I have a delivery van and a dispatch riders, immediately u order, u get ur product deliver to u in a flash
16. Do you have more male or female clients?
I have more female than male
17. What are you presently working on to boost and improve your products?
Trying to create a website for my business where client can order from and also a mobile app to make their order easier for them.

18. What do you have to tell your fans and customers out there?

Keep pushing…. Nothing good comes easy…. JUST BELIEVE ✌️

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