Group Urges Nigerians to Prioritise Quality Project Delivery

A stakeholders forum on Open Contracting and Project Accountability, organised in partnership with the Ekiti Government, saw Mr Odeh Friday, the Country Director for Accountability Lab in Nigeria, emphasize the importance of insisting on quality work from government and contractors in the execution of public projects.

During the forum held in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital, Mr Odeh highlighted the need for transparency, accountability, and governance in public projects to ensure improved and quality public service delivery. The initiative, funded by the UNDP through the Anti-Corruption and Innovation Project (ACIP), aims to enhance these aspects.

Mr Odeh pointed out that 24 projects across the education and health sectors of the state were monitored, revealing the need for improvement. He highlighted concerns regarding the impact on the health and wellbeing of people, as well as security issues in schools.

He emphasized the importance of addressing security concerns, such as unauthorized individuals entering schools during school hours to harass students and teachers. Mr Odeh stressed the need for citizen engagement to empower individuals to not only report on government projects but also ensure that these projects benefit them and democracy as a whole.

He further emphasized that accountability and responsibility should extend beyond the contracting process, with contractors and private sector organisations being accountable for the quality of their work and ensuring that projects serve the people.

Mr Odeh also expressed appreciation for the representation of the state House of Assembly and the commitment of the Director General of the Ekiti State Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) to the process. He mentioned that the BPP would develop a report for the state government based on the insights provided by their group.

In response, Mr James Folorunso, the Director General of the Ekiti State Bureau of Public Procurement, affirmed the state government’s commitment to maintaining its leading position in the country’s open contract process. He emphasized the government’s zero tolerance for shoddy work and sub-standard materials, aiming to enhance the durability and usability of facilities for the benefit of the people.

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