How I Survived The Banana Island Building Collapse Without a Scratch — Bricklayer

A bricklayer has narrated how he luckily survived after a seven-storey building under construction collapsed in Banana Island, Lagos.

Mr Dike Ikenna recounted how he walked out of the rubbles without a scratch. Narrating his experience, he said:

“I thank God for his mercies. I usually anoint myself every day before going out to work and this very day, I did likewise.

“I was on the 7th floor when It happened. I was taping the floor when I heard a deafening noise. One side of the building collapsed first. I just said God, you didn’t tell me I will die this way or this was how I will end my life.

“One of my colleagues was with me. We were struggling to get out of the building. But we could not jump, we could not run out. I was only shouting Jesus. I found myself on the ground. But nothing hit me. I was covered in dust.

“While some of the victims were taken to hospitals due to the severity of their injuries and doctors pulling them out of the jaws of death, I thank God that I walked out of the rubbles without any scratch.”

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