How To Make Money With Opera News

Make Money With Opera News

Lets get started!

In case you don’t know Opera Mini

Opera mini app is one, out of thousands of application you can use to surf the net. To read news, google search and even watch entertainment videos.

Make Money With Opera News
Make Money With Opera News

How to make money from opera news

Follow the simple steps below to know how you can make at least ₦5000 in few days using Opera News.

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Step #1: Download the “Opera News” App on playstore or using this link. Download Here

Step #2: Install and open the App, Go to the last icon on the bottom right corner (me)

Step #3: Click on the “log in OR create an account” at the top of the page

Step #4: log in using your Facebook account or phone number, it is advisable to login using phone number for ease.

Step #5: After a successful login, there are two ways to win a big prize; you can shake your phone to win prizes like cash prizes ORide and supa bets vouchers. OR complete all the nine pieces of the puzzle to collect a cash prize and you need a rare gold in order to complete the puzzle. Those who completes the puzzle will become winners of real cash from the shared cash prize bucket.

Step #6: To complete the puzzle, go to “my prize” and click on “Enter your invite code” put the code JXTEA5 and click on get, then you have completed the puzzle. You can invite new users to multiply your rewards.

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