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Human Viruses You Must SHIFT The Year 2020, Start Shifting Them

Saw this article online so I decided to share it with you all.  Let see maybe its a funny list though.

Kindly share your thought after reading this article:

1. The parasite- those who keep on taking and have nothing to offer, SHIFT THEM!

2. The discourager- those who always give you reasons why all you want to do can’t work. I call them the “It can’t be possibles”, SHIFT THEM!

3. The jealous- those who abhor you when God is blessing you, SHIFT THEM!

4. The hater- those who want you to be where you are not where you want to be, SHIFT THEM!

5. The unstable- those who are for you today and against you tomorrow, SHIFT THEM!

6. The unreliable- those about whom you are not sure whose side they are on, SHIFT THEM!

7. The selfish- those who believe life is about them and them alone, SHIFT THEM!

8. The money-monger- those who can do anything to get money including selling you out to the highest bidder, SHIFT THEM!

9. Womanizer- these ones will one day go after your wife and daughter if they have not done so, SHIFT THEM!

10. The abuser of parents- these ones have cursed the day of their birth, don’t partake in their curse, SHIFT THEM!

11. The heartless- they will never think twice before they do you wrong including taking your life, SHIFT THEM!

12. The liar- these ones will engrave you with words that are false until the words put you in the grave, SHIFT THEM!

13. The tightfisted- these ones will never have enough money, SHIFT THEM!You need someone who has more than enough in 2020.

14. The Godless- these ones are the biggest fools who think they can breathe without God and oxygen, SHIFT THEM!

PRAYER – All Human Viruses in the database of my life, be deleted permanently in Jesus name, Amen!

I need explanations for number

13. Dr Ojo are you referring to shift our tightfisted friends? cant we just ignore them? i refer to them as aka atenu but i have been blessed not to have any but for the benefit of those who have ”aka atenu” people as friends,please explain. Thank you!

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