I make N1m monthly from streams, digital platforms independently Say’s X-TWO J

X-TWO J has gotten comfortable with the idea of being an independent artist, self-promoting his afro genre through Amazon Music, Tidal, Spotify, iTunes, etc after being courted repeatedly by labels that never came through.

X-two J who works on the boundaries between notated and improvised music, electronic and acoustic fine sound and soft noise, The exploration of his soft dulcet voice has led him to record groundbreaking songs with novel and eloquent lyrics that headline most online trends.

“A lot of music management companies, A&R showed interest,” he says, “but it seemed like they were just jerking my chain, all they keep saying is keep working, keep putting out music. I got so tired of hearing that, at a point, I became an anti-record label and A&R, nobody actually gave me a deal just social media post support. Then I decided to take it upon myself and find a way to push myself, thank God for the internet I’m doing great right now making about a million Naira monthly on digital platforms/streams, and will never stop until I get bigger wins. the internet is a blessing to independent artists I hope they put energy on digital platforms”.

X-TWO J is one of the most consistent unsigned artists in Nigeria. He started gaining fierce momentum in the Nigerian music industry after the release of his 2 mixtape singles titled “LOVE YOU LIKE and LAPPY” the same year he won the (2017 MTN MUSIC PLUS NEXT RATED ARTIST FIRST PRICE WINNER).


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