Introducing a new Social Media Website called GETRICHCHAT, (Read More)

GetChat is a social medial website that you can promote your business and services for free.
This is the first social commerce website in africa where you can sale your products and get paid into your wallet without stress and it can be withdraw into your bank account with few click. 
You get point as a subscriber to help you get more popular on the platform to get pay at the end or every month from the point you will be make after upgrading to pro version of the website
Here are the Site features Below
1. You can make friends and chat on the website 
2. You can sale any kind of products physical or visual 
3. You can promote your business for free
4. You can create as many pages that you want to sale your brand 
5. You post video, pictures and music to promote you content 
6. If you are a blogger,  book writer and article writer you can promote your skill on our special article space and get people to buy your skills 
7. You can play games for free
8. Watch movies for free
9. Audio and video calls
Visit website and singup today:
GETRICHCHAT Mobile app is available for download on Google Playstore, Coming soon for IOS devices. STAY TUNED

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