Islamic Group Blames Goodluck Jonathan For Bombardment, Killing of Palestinians By Israel

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has pointed accusing fingers on former President Goodluck Jonathan, accusing him of playing a part in the ongoing bombardment of Israel.

This is as MURIC berated Israel for trying to wipe out Palestine with war planes and artillery, describing the attacks as crimes against humanity.

MURIC wondered why the United Nations and other world powers watch on while Israel destroys Palestine, a people, according to the group, “that does not possess a single war plane or a standing army.”

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“The United Nations has failed to stop Israel’s aggression because America and other Western powers are always there to veto UN resolutions. The UN had never been fair in its dealings with Palestine,” MURIC added.

The Islamic rights group said it was particularly disenchanted with the role of the US in the ongoing crisis, noting that America allows Israel to build a nuclear weapon but hypocritically breathes down the neck of Israel’s neighbours on the issue of nuclear energy, adding that the US has the power to stop Israel’s aggression against Palestine.

In a statement signed by its director, Professor Ishaq Akintola and made available to DAILY POST on Monday, MURIC added, “That is why we condemn in the strongest terms the statement made by President Joe Biden that Israel has the right to defend itself. That statement was reckless and irresponsible… ”

MURIC also blamed former Nigerian President, Jonathan for the ongoing Israeli aggression against Palestine, accusing him of refusing to recognise Palestine as a state in 2014.

“Even Nigeria under ex-President Goodluck Jonathan played an ignoble role in the Palestinian question. The request to officially recognize Palestine as a state within the 1967 boarders with full UN member benefits and state status throughout the international community was presented by Jordan on 30th December 2014.

“While justice-seeking countries like Argentina, Chad, Chile, Jordan, China, France and Russia voted ‘Yes’ to a Palestinian State, Nigeria dashed the hope of Palestine by abstaining.

“Just nine votes were mandatory for Palestine to secure the status it needed and eight had been obtained. Only one more vote was needed but Nigeria reneged on its well-known anti-apartheid stance. It was a shocking, conservative and reactionary shift from anti-apartheid champion status for which the country was known to a pro-zionist entity. It was the coup de grace.

“It was the day Nigeria shamefully turned its back on its principles of justice, liberty and humanity, no thanks to ex-President Jonathan’s love for anything that may hurt Muslims and favour Christians. Jonathan cannot wash his hands off that diplomatic misadventure. He allowed his religious sentiment to get the better of him.”

Over 65 Palestinians and 6 people from Israel have been killed as the deadly exchange of fire between Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli military escalates significantly.

The United Nations said it fears a “full-scale war” as Israel accuses Palestinian militants of having fired more than 1,000 rockets.

Israel has also carried out hundreds of air strikes on Gaza leading to destruction of three tower blocks and killing of senior Hamas officials.

Over sixteen Palestinian children have been caught up in the conflict.

UN Secretary General António Guterres said he was “gravely concerned” by the ongoing violence.

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