Kehlani Ethnicity – A Renowned American Celebrity

A Renowned American Celebrity

Kehlani Ashley Parrish is a dancer, singer, and composer from the United States. Her maternal aunt Tanya Marie French adopted her and nurtured her. 

Kehlani’s biological mother is evidently of Native American (Blackfoot and Cherokee) parentage, as well as Spanish, Mexican, and Filipino ancestry. Elon Thompson Parrish, her biological father, passed away when she was a little child.

Kehlani Ethnicity – A Renowned American Celebrity
Kehlani Ethnicity – A Renowned American Celebrity

Kehlani’s paternal grandfather was African-American. In addition to having distant Cornish, Irish, and potentially Choctaw Native American ancestry, Kehlani’s paternal grandmother also has Scottish, Welsh, English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, and German ancestry. 

In a chat with Hot 97, Kehlani revealed that she is a member of the “Blackfoot Cherokee” clan and that her ancestry is “Black, White, Native American, and Spanish.”

In another interview, she claimed to be Mexican and to have some trace amounts of Filipino ancestry.

Who Is Kehlani’s Maternal Grandpa? 

With his talented guitarist boyfriend, Javaughn Young-White, Kehlani has a daughter. The comic Jaboukie Young-White is the brother of Javaughn.

Guy Corwin Parrish is Kehlani’s maternal grandpa (the son of Robert Lawrence Parrish and Jean Andra Thompson). The guy is an African-American who was born in Los Angeles, California.

Robert was the elder son of Belle Way and J. A. Parrish. Jean was the child of Kathryn Morris and Jesse Thompson. 

Who Is Kehlani’s Maternal Grandmother? 

Ruth Suzanne Thompson was Kehlani’s maternal grandmother (the daughter of Ruth Imogene Wallance and James Buchanan Thompson).

 In Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Suzanne was born. James was the son of Scottish-born James Buchanan Thompson, Sr, and Barbara Adelaide Brown. Ruth, the great-grandmother of Kehlani, was the child of Nancy J. Jones and Baxter Boxbe Wallace. However, her maternal uncle is Christopher French, who also has mixed ethnicity. 

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