Kelvin Momo Biography, Age, Networth, Career, Family, Real Name

Thato Kelvin Ledwaba is a South African singer, DJ, producer, and songwriter who goes by the stage name Kelvin Momo. Over the past few years, the self-proclaimed Soulful King has been making production mixes and songs, which has given him a reputation as a great producer.

Kelvin Momo Biography, Age, Networth, Career, Family, Real Name
Kelvin Momo Biography, Age, Networth, Career, Family, Real Name

Kelvin was born in Diepkloof, Soweto, in 1994. His amapiano tracks, which lean toward soulful house, make him stand out from the crowd. He was the first person to make “private school amapiano,” a type of music that mixes jazz, deep house, and lounge sounds.

In 2019, he made songs like the chill “Abantu Bethu” with C.A. Souls and the breezy “Yelele” with Luu Nineleven and DJ Stoks. He was also a big part of the “Mzansi House” collection from the important label House Afrika.

His 2020 album, “Momo’s Private School,” is full of darting keys and lush pads. The roughness of amapiano is replaced by a polished shine, making the album a stone-cold masterpiece. The song is getting a lot of attention and is doing very well on streaming services.

As more people hear his music, his name will become synonymous with “private school” amapiano, a subgenre of amapiano that has deep-house and jazz influences.

Early Life and Career

Kelvin Momo, whose birth name is Thato Kelvin Ledwaba and who was born in Diepkloof, Soweto in 1994, is a prominent figure in the “private school amapiano” subgenre of the amapiano music genre. This subgenre features elements of jazz, deep house, and lounge. In 2019, he released singles like the ethereal “Abantu Bethu” with C.A. Souls as well as the breezy smash “Yelele” with Luu Nineleven and DJ Stoks, and he was featured heavily on the ninth edition of the influential label House Afrika’s Mzansi House compilation. In addition, he released singles in 2019. Momo’s Private School, the producer’s debut album, will be released in 2020 on amapiano pioneer Kabza De Small’s label Piano Hub. Momo’s Private School will be driven by darting keys and lush pads, and it will replace amapiano’s customary grit with a refined sheen, resulting in a stone-cold classic. The following year, he released the EP Bayeke, which was a collaboration with his partner, the producer and vocalist Babalwa M. Bayeke was released in the same year as the record.

Wife/ Girlfriend

Kelvin Momo is not in a relationship with anyone at this time and is currently single. Additionally, Kelvin Momo has not yet tied the knot.

Net Worth

It is anticipated that Kelvin Momo’s wealth will range anywhere from $200,000 to $1.8 million by the year 2021.

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