Man screams in fear as female photographer suddenly goes into trance during photoshoot

A viral video has captured the moment a female photographer went into a trance during a photoshoot session, leaving her client totally confused.

In the viral clip, the woman is seen going about her work as she attends to a young man who was in her studio for a photo session, pausing at intervals to adjust the man’s clothes to get the perfect shot.

At a point in the video, she handed her camera to her assistant and moved to the client to arrange his agabda when she suddenly started acting strange.

She suddenly removed her wig, holding her head, and began jumping around and yelling hysterically.

The client initially tried to hold her but screamed in fear as things grew worse and appeared beyond his control.

Watch video below,

In other news, the video of a content creator who is a prankster, identified as King_mitchy on Instagram, has left netizens in stitches over the subject of her prank.

The quite curvy lady who not only shares prank videos on her page, but also videos of her helping random needy people, is seen in this prank video approaching a middle-aged man who was with another lady, and asking him for his number.

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