Man who relocated abroad without telling friend shares voice note she sent

A Nigerian guy who just migrated to the United Kingdom has revealed his friend’s astonishment after seeing a picture of him covered in snow.

The man known as @armstrongosas on TikTok admitted that he did not tell her before moving overseas.

She grieved hard in the voice note, wondering why he didn’t notify her before leaving Nigeria for another country.

She grieved that she might not see him again, but added that she was delighted for him.

In response to the emotional voice note, the young man apologized to his friend for not alerting her that he was traveling.

@armstrongosas shared the voice note on TikTok, saying, “My friend’s response when I finally posted a snow photo. “The most emotional.

Netizens in the TikTok comments section have varying opinions regarding the vocal note.
While some people found the voice message moving, others thought she was lying and expressed relief that he hadn’t told her.

Thoughts reacted: “Thank God you didn’t tell her.”

BIg Niru said: “Person wey go burst into laugh after the vn you no.”

@davidalways06 reacted: “The cry is for herself, also wishing she is able to go there too.”

@king reacted: “No mind all this babes when you dey naija them no been send you oh when you don jah them go come dey do like say them been want you so bad.”

Devon said: “Person wey for carry your picture to give baba.”

@hawlah08 reacted: “Sorry dear b strong for Armstrong.”

Panditocracy said: “My brother run oo. Na karashika and her crocodile tears.”

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