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MILLION TEARS (Sisters Betrayal) Episode 7


??(Sisters Betrayal)??

✍️✍️Episode 7✍️✍️

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I slept at Glory’s house
The next morning, I told her I would like to go pack my things and look for where to go cool off my head
She agreed with me and I went to my house and got my biggest surprise when I met my clothes and shoes on the floor
I was so furious and I rushed back to report to mom Glory and she asked me to go bring them

Forget it and go bring in your clothes! She said and I left
I took my clothes and went back to Glory’s house and placed them on the sofa

Mom Glory, please I need to get a house today, pay for it today and pack into there and my other properties that I bought with my hard earned money, I won’t leave it for Ella
I bought the fridge, washing machine, table top gas cooker and every other utensils in the kitchen
I will pack all my things and leave
Even pin, I won’t leave for wicked Ella
I won’t! I said and she nodded

I support you but don’t you think it would have been better if you pack those things when they are not around?
Do you think they will let you pack it?
You can wait till Jimmy leaves the house
Then I will take you there to pack your things and won’t let Ella touch or harm you
Get yourself ready, I know a vacant self contain for rent at ikorodu side
Before we will return, Jimmy must have left the house
She said and I nodded
I quickly went to the bathroom and showered then dressed up and we left with my car

We got to the house and I loved it
Everything about the house is cool
Its expensive but I don’t mind
As far as the house is comfortable, then fine.
I will pay for it

They gave us the landlord address
We were told he lives at Oshodi side and we went there
I got there and I paid the landlord for two years via transfer
I paid the agreement and commission and he handed the receipt to me and Glory signed for me as a witness
The key to the house was handed to me and we left happily

We drove back home and luckily, Jimmy was out and I chattered a very big caster that would carry my load once

Mom Glory and I went to my house and Ella blocked me from entering

Where do you think you are going to?
Listen, you have no place in this house and you don’t have the right to walk into this house without my permission
Beside, my husband asked me not to let you in again. Ella said and she stood in the door mouth

Her statement sounded like a bombshell to my ear and I landed a hot slap in her cheek
I pushed her out of the way and run to the kitchen and took my rope and sign mom Glory to hold her from behind

I kicked Ella down and Glory held her hand as I used the rope to tie her two legs up to her hand
I tied her so tightly and carried her to the toilet and left her there while Glory, the driver and I packed my other properties
My washing machine, blender, fridge, table top gas cooker, cylinder, bed, shoe rack, E.T.C

I packed everything I bought with my money and didn’t leave a pin there

Mom Glory, I think you should leave her in the toilet
When her stupid husband returns, he will untie her
I said and she nodded

I quickly went to the toilet and laughed at her

You think I would die cos of you right?
Listen, you just gave me an opportunity to become more great
Watch and see what will happens
Karma will so deal with you Ella
I am moving on with my life and please, don’t forget to tell you community penis husband that I am sending him the divorce papers soon
He should get ready
I said and she called me

Sister Miranda, please untie me
Don’t leave me in the toilet please. She said and I looked at her

Gone are the days when you deceive me with your crocodile tears
You have taught me a lesson
Stay there and rot
But when karma hits you, don’t come looking for me cos we are separated forever. I said and walked out
I heard her saying

Sister please naaaa
But I ignored her
I went to Glory’s house took my remaining clothes
I thanked her immensely and asked her to always check on me once in a while
I gave her a cash of 50k but she refused

You just spent roughly 300k before me and you are giving me another huge amount
No sweetheart
You need to take care of yourself for now. She said and I nodded

Thank you so much ma
Let me run along
The driver is waiting for me outside
Please ma, can you come with me today? I pleaded and she nodded
We left together and drove off


I was done arranging the house and it looked so beautiful

Its just remaining sofa, curtain and other electronics gadget
I will buy those ones gradually. I said and mom Glory nodded

Don’t spend your money anyhow
I believe God will strengthen you and give you the mind to move on
Please be nice to guys as you don’t know the one that God is sending to you as your husband
Always remember that all men are not like Jimmy
Good men exists
Don’t be too rude to them
Glory advised and I nodded

Okay mom
I really do appreciate all your efforts
Thanks so much ma. I said and she nodded

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