“Money won’t get me in your bed” — Reality TV star, Angel tells her admirers

Big Brother Naija season 6 star, Angel Smith has shattered the hopes of her admirers who think they can bed her with their money.

Taking to her Twitter page to address such people, the 22-year-old reality TV star said they are mistaken because she can never sleep with a man because of his money.

She went on to disclose what would make her fall for a man, and even sleep with him without a second thought.

 Angel Smith
Angel Smith
According to her, if a man calls her the pet name ‘Princess’, she would gladly open her legs for him.

“Money won’t get me in your bed; but calling me princess will”, she tweeted.

Following her revelation, a lot of men trooped to her comment section to call her ‘princess’ and other sweet names to try their luck with her.

See her tweet below,

A while back, Angel cried out on social media after experiencing heartbreak.

In a series of tweets, recounting the experience, Angel said her now ex-lover suddenly severed ties with her without a prior argument.

She said he woke up one morning and blocked her everywhere, making it impossible to reach him ever since.

According to Angel, it is disheartening because she had thought she was the love of his life and that they had foresight into the future.

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