NLC Pleased with Compliance During Warning Strike in Taraba

The leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Taraba State has expressed contentment with the degree of compliance demonstrated by workers during the ongoing two-day warning strike initiated by the union.

Following a thorough inspection of Jalingo, the state’s capital, Taraba NLC Chairman, Peter Jediel, emphasized that the strike’s objective was to ensure comprehensive adherence. He further conveyed that the union’s leadership is content with the dedication of workers to this industrial action.

Jediel expressed concern that the financial aid provided to each state by the federal government as palliatives is deemed “grossly inadequate.” He stressed that the NLC will persist in its efforts until the central government takes the necessary steps.

Additionally, Jediel revealed that the state branch of the union had been diligently preparing for this event.

He added: “We sent a message across the state calling on workers to vacate their offices in solidarity with our national colleagues following the hardship we are passing through as a result of the subsidy removal.”

According to him: “If the Federal Government fails to attend to our plight after this two-day warning strike, we may consider a 14-day ultimatum, after which we will embark on a total shutdown of the country until steps are taken by the government to address the excruciating mass suffering and the impoverishment being experienced in the country.” 

TheMedia noted complete adherence by workers to the ongoing warning strike, which effectively halted operations across numerous ministries, departments, and agencies.

Banks were likewise affected, with business activities coming to a halt.

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