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Ojjmanuel Or Mr Icey — Who Is The Most Talented?

The 9janotemedia debates have started going around and the two most qualified contenders for 2021’s class are Ojjmanuel and Mr Icey.

Ojjmanuel, emerged on the scene in 2020 after his song with Soundz “Jah Dey” became a hit and also won an award With it.

Ojjmanuel Or Mr Icey — Who Is The Most Talented?

Since then, he has gone up the ranks to become one of the best feature artists of his generation, making a name for himself in the process.

Thanks to all the collaborations, Ojjmanuel now has more hits than any of his peers. That’s the kind of thing you can only achieve with an enormous amount of talent.

Then there is Pedro Mafia starboy, Mr Icey, Icey who now goes by MR ICEY —it’s still Icey for most of us— who came to the limelight in 2019 and dropped singles that turned heads.

Ojjmanuel Or Mr Icey — Who Is The Most Talented?
Mr Icey

He made news when he got a deal with Geugeu Empire in 2020, and later left the Empire. As a boy from the hood that became popular through freestyles on social media.

Everything has turned out great since. After the successful of join EP “GREATNESS” with his previous label mate, He put out a major single in 2021 and he’s still doing wonders; his working on is EP titled, “HATTRICK” Out this month.

Now the two of them are being pitched aggressively against each other, but who’s the most talented of them?

Sometimes who ends up winning the Next Rated award or bag’s award doesn’t really mean anything, of course. We’ve had cases year’s back where awards felt like it went to the undeserving person. This won’t change anything.

The two guys are for sure very talented. But if you were to pick the one who’s got the most talented, who would you say it is.

Anyway, let’s hear from you. What do you think? And why?

Ojjmanuel Or Mr Icey — Who Is The Most Talented?
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