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Reason Why Naija Twitter Is Getting Angrier At The #SayNoTOXenophobia Movement

Why are we destroying our own people?! What have we done?! We have been yelling ‘no to xenophobia’ and yet we are the ones destroying Nigerian lives and property in Nigeria.

After reports that Nigerians and other foreigners were the victims of brutality in South Africa, some Nigerians decided that ‘Do me i do you’ will solve the problem. They proceeded to go on a rampage through locations in Uyo, Abuja, Lagos and other states that housed ‘South African’ businesses. What happened next? We attacked ourselves! We decided that the best way to solve the crimes against Nigerians thousands of miles away was to commit new ones against ourselves in our own country!

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Social media has been filled up with videos, images and stories from Nigerians who were brutalised victims of this retaliation. Shops, malls and businesses were looted. Nigerians were chased out of their places of work. Buildings were vandali and burnt! Now, Nigerians are crying out – “stop this please, before it gets worse!”

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Our eyes don open and we can see that we are destroying ourselves in the process:


Why Naija Twitter Is Getting Angrier At The #SayNoTOXenophobia Movement

Why Naija Twitter Is Getting Angrier At The #SayNoTOXenophobia Movement

Why Naija Twitter Is Getting Angrier At The #SayNoTOXenophobia Movement


But the violence we have seen is very reduced if compared to what could happen next if ‘sense’ doesn’t step in. Because what would the clamour to shut down South African business solve? How would it stop our people from been ambushed and victimized


If we somehow succeed in shutting down all the shops and companies that are South African, what will happen to the millions of Nigerians who will suddenly be unemployed? Millions of families with no steady source of income? Do we actually understand how this could affect the country? How will destroying our people save our brothers and sisters? What will they have to come home to, if millions are suddenly without a job?!

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We need to use our ‘anger’ well, abeg, and put it to good use that would actually save us.

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