Sarah Hyland Ethnicity – A Renowned American Actress

A Renowned American Actress

Actress Sarah Hyland’s ethnicity is mixed. She is of American descent. She is known for her work on the ABC comedy Modern Family. Edward James Hyland and Melissa Canaday are the parents of Sarah. Ian Hyland is her brother (Ian Donovan Hyland).

Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh, Dutch, German, and isolated Jersey [Channel Islander] are among Sarah’s ethnicities.

Sarah Hyland Ethnicity
Sarah Hyland Ethnicity

Who Are Her Parents

Edward James Hyland, Sr., the father of Sarah Agnes O’Neill and Thomas Francis Hyland, Jr., was Sarah’s paternal grandparents. New York is where Edward was born. 

However, Thomas was born in Ireland to Rosanna “Rose” Fay and Thomas Francis Hyland. Sarah’s great-grandmother Sarah O’Neill was the child of Irish immigrants David/Daniel C. O’Neill and Bridget Shea/Shearer.

Who Are Sarah’s Paternal Grandparents? 

Florence Strachan was Sarah’s paternal grandmother (the daughter of John Strachan and Elizabeth Lucy Long Julian). Florence was born in New York.

The son of John Strachan and Susan, John was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Elizabeth was the daughter of Richard Vigus Julian and Sarah O’Neill and was born in West Derby, Lancashire, England. She is of Irish and English descent.

Who Is Her Maternal Grandfather? 

Alonzo Jackson Canaday was Sarah’s maternal grandfather (the son of Alonzo Canaday and Mary Elizabeth Darden). Alonzo was born in Missouri to a Tennessee-born mother and a Missouri-born father. 

Alonzo, the great-grandfather of Sarah, was the child of Leona Hawkins and Alonzo Canaday. 

Francis Marion “Frank” Darden and Alice Addie Phillips were Mary Elizabeth’s parents. Mills Darden, one of the tallest men ever measured, was Sarah’s good grandfather. He was 7′ 6″ in height. 

Who Is Sarah’s Maternal Grandmother? 

Diane Skirvin was the maternal grandmother of Sarah (the daughter of Clifford Donovan Skirvin and Mary Louise Stroope). Diane was born in Oklahoma to an Oklahoman mother and a Michigan-born father.

Clifford was the child of Nellie Weagant Kitchel and Clifford James Skirvin. Mary Louise was the child of Daisy Gertrude McDaniel and Millard America Stroope.

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