STORY: MILLION TEARS (sister’s betrayal) episode 4


??(Sisters’s Betrayal)??

✍️✍️Episode 4✍️✍️

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I woke up very late the next morning and my husband was already out before I woke up

Is it that he didn’t notice the phone?
I asked myself and went outside

Good morning sister! I am set to go to shop
You woke up late.
Hope all is well?
I have prepared your favorite, yam and egg sauce
When you are done eating, you can join me in the shop. See you later sister
She said and left

I went to the dining and opened the food and it was mouth watering but I no longer have a single trust for Ella
What if she poisoned this food?
Since she is capable of sleeping with my husband, she is also capable of killing me if she sees the opportunity

I won’t eat this food
No, I will eat it but not this sauce
I said and went to the kitchen, poured the sauce in into the water waste bin and dished another sauce from the pot
I got there and was about sitting down when I heard Ella’s phone ringing

Ella forgot her phone? I asked and rushed to her room and took the phone

It was my husband calling which he saved with “brother Jimmy”
I picked it up and what I heard shocked me

Hello sweetheart
I am so sorry I couldn’t listen to you this morning
Your sister might meet us and you and I know what it will result to
I promise I will make it up to you with your favorite style on bed and as for the pregnancy, please don’t abort it
I will sort it out please
Your sister have been unable to give me child for past six years now
I can’t let you abort my child
I don’t mind divorcing her and marrying you
Since she is barren and can’t beget a child for me I will divorce her
Please keep the child for me
I will buy you a car
Get you a comfortable flat and start up a big supermarket for you and……………..

I was beginning to lose my breath
I couldn’t control it anymore.
It became so unbearable to me and I angrily removed my wig and let out a shout

Jimmy! Is this for real?
Oh my goodness! I said and burst out into a loud cry

Noooooooooooooo! Aaaaaaaaaah!
Since when has this been happening under my nose?

I cried uncontrollably

This is too much for me
Oh no!
I continued crying out loud
I took Ella phone and unlocked it
I went to her WhatsApp and didn’t see anything
I went to Facebook and didn’t see anything
Until I remembered she had a telegram app
I went to telegram and my eyes saw my ears
Ella have been feeding my husband with her nudes
My husband have been doing so too
Their chat is nothing to write about
Ella and my husband are backbiting me
Calling me barren
Ella have stabbed me beyond imagination
Ella you have killed me
Ella, after everything I did for you, is this how you want to repay me?
You want to repay me by taking over the home I have spent years building?
Ella! I said crying profusely
My cry attracted our neighbor living downstairs and she came knocking

Miranda please open the door
She said knocking on the door

This is Glory’s voice
She is the nicest woman in this estate
I think I have to open the door and let her in
I will share my burden with her since she is an elderly woman I might get advice from her cos right now, I can’t think. I said and stood up weakly and went to open the door for her

I walked towards the door and opened it for her and she walked in

Miranda dear, why are you looking so staggered?
Why are you like this?
Look at your hair!
What is it
Whatever it is, please share with me and I promise it will remain between us
I don’t like interfering in peoples matter but looking at you like this, I can’t just walk away like that
Glory said and I burst out crying again

Mom Glory ooo!
Mom Glory I have been stabbed!
I have been broken beyond repair!
I have been hitted so hard!
I have been destroyed!
I have been broken into pieces!
My treasure and pleasure have been taken away from me!
My crown has been removed!
My joy has been seized!
My eyes have seen what I can’t bear
I am seeing the end from the beginning
I have been living in hell thinking I am in heaven
I regret ever coming to this world in the first place
Its better for God to take my life than to continue living in perpetual penury
I am living a living dead
I have been flogged with thorned
This is not a life!
Mom Glory
This is the end of the road for me
I will take my life
This is too much for me
I can’t…………….

Glory interrupted me in deep tears

Didn’t even know when I dropped tears
Miranda, what is it?
Why all these? Glory asked

Please tell God to come and take my life
Tell God to take my life
What am I living for?
What am I doing in this world?
What mom Glory?
This pain is too much for me to bear
My mouth can tell the abomination happening under my nose
My mouth can’t tell it ooo.
I rather take my life cos I don’t know where to start handling this matter!
I said still crying profusely

I think I have to give you some time to get over yourself but first, you will have to come with me before you harm yourself
Mom Glory said and went inside my room, took my wrapper and came and held my hand

Come with me! She said and picked my phone including Ella’s phone and we left
We got to her flat and I sat down
She went inside and brought me a cold water and I drank and continued crying

Mom Glory, please I need a favor for you.
Please help me go to my shop and collect the money they made this morning
Give Alice 7000 out of it
That is her salary for two weeks
Tell her I am on a break
Close the shop for me
As for Ella, don’t say anything to her
Please give her phone to her
Here it is!
I said and she nodded

I will but promise you won’t harm yourself
She said and I nodded

I promise! I said wiping my tears and she left

I think I should call mother in-law and explain to her
I said and dialled her number

Mama, good morning ma!
I said and burst out crying

Shedding of crocodile tears
Hope you are not calling to tell me your sister is pregnant for my son you barren woman
Witch of the highest order
What did you expect?
Since you can’t bear my son fruit
Won’t he go for another tree?
Tree without fruit that’s what you are !
Eater of her unborn children!
You better pack your things and leave that house
I am no longer interested having you as a daughter in-law
You are a man in woman form
Ordinary child, you can’t bear and you call yourself a woman.
You should be ashamed at yourself
For having sex for complete six years without any result to give for it
Shameless woman!
You should be thankful to James my son for even bearing with you for years
Today should be the last time of you calling my number to avoid being striked with thunder. She said and hanged up the phone and I was left in shock with tears streaming down my cheeks uncontrollably

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