STORY : MILLION TEARS (Sister’s Betrayal) episode 03


  • ??(Sister’s Betrayal)??

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I felt like I was struck with a rod in my head
I felt dizzy for minutes and I dropped the phone on my leg so my head can cool off
I felt serious dizzy for almost 20 minutes and that was when I picked the phone up and it fell from my hand to the floor

I picked it up and noticed the screen is already crashed

Oh my!
I said as tears dropped down my cheeks

What is this?
I didn’t get to see what I was searching for
Jimmy is gonna be mad with me
I won’t tell him I touched his phone
Let me just put the phone inside his pocket so when he wake up in the morning, I will tell him he slept on it.
I said and put the phone in his pocket and laid down in the bed
I tried to sleep but it seems sleep was far away from my eyes.
I went to Ella’s room and she was fast asleep
I took her phone and unlocked it cos I knew her password
I went to her call log but didn’t see my husband call there
Went to message but found nothing
Went to WhatsApp but found nothing
I know Ella can be smart enough to delete all these things
If truly she is having affair with my husband, then I will kill her with my own hands
How will she want to repay me with evil after all the sacrifices I made for her?
My instincts don’t lie to me
Ella is having affair with my husband
I saw sperm on her bed earlier today
Hope is not what I am thinking
Ella, hope this is not true
I asked myself shedding tears as I kept staring at Ella
I went back to the room and laid back on the bed


Sister Miranda, tomorrow is the final day for our junior WAEC form
Honestly I don’t know what I am going to do
How will I sit and watch my fellow classmates write the JSCE while I sit at home? Ella said crying and I held her on the shoulder

Stop crying sweetheart
I will find a way
don’t worry!
You must join those sitting for JSCE
I will see what I can do
Just go to schools tomorrow
Once they ask you of the fee, tell them your sister is bringing it
Remember I dropped out of my JSS2 just to make sure you finish your own education
Just make sure you don’t follow men no matter what
Some of them will offer you silver and gold if you agree to sleep with them but please, don’t fall for their tricks okay
I will pay the fee for you
2600 right? I asked and she nodded

Yes sister
Thank you
I won’t sleep with men I promise you
Thank you for the sacrifices! She said wiping her tears and I nodded

Anything for you Ella
Our parents left us all alone to cater for ourselves and I promised them that we will make them proud
Don’t forget to pray in their grave tomorrow before going to school. I said and she nodded

We went to bed and I kept thinking of how to get that huge amount of money from!
I remembered our neighbor
He always leaves his door open and go for hunting around 1.00am
I will sneak into his room to check if I can steal some money from him. I said and kept checking the time
Ella is fast asleep already
When it was ten minutes past one, I sneaked into Obiozor’s hut and searched all through
Luckily I saw some money in his pocket
Counted it and it was 8,000
I removed 3000 and returned the other one to his pocket
I sneaked out and went back home
Knelt down before my parents grave and cried out
Father, mother, please provide for us
Don’t let any cause laid on us to affect us
We are only trying to put food on our table. I said and went inside

The next morning, Ella woke up and I gave her the money

Ella, this is 3000 naira here
Please make sure you return the 400 naira change so we can use it to buy some garri, rice and maggi
At least it will help us for days. I said and she nodded happily

Thanks sister
How did you manage to get the money? She asked and I smiled

I stole it from Obiozor but listen to me
That doesn’t give you the right to steal
Stealing is bad and is against God’s commandment
I only did this cos I have no choice
I have an idea
Thank God this idea came
We are going to use that 400 to buy 6 bags of sachet water and hawk around the street
Then the remaining 80 naira change, we will use it to buy garri and sugar and drink it once in a while so we won’t die of hunger
And remember we are doing this together
We re doing it because we have no choice
Let’s hustle together and put food on our table.
We can also get to pay your other school bill through it
I said and she nodded happily

Good idea sister
Perfect idea
I support you 100 times
You are my backbone
What would I have done without you? Ella said and hugged me happily

Remember you are all I have left in this world
All our relatives left us to cater for ourself
We will put them both to shame
With this 400 naira, God will wipe our tears
Once we buy the sachet water today, I will start hawking around and immediately you come back from school, you join me. You get it,? I asked and she nodded

Sure sister Miranda! She said and jumped happily and waved me good bye.
I waved back and smiled

Ella, you are my happiness and I promise I will make sure to see you have a bright future
I don’t mind sacrificing my own future for yours
I promised mother that I will take care of you and I will sure fulfill that promise. I soliloquized and went inside


Tears flowed down my cheeks and I wiped it off.

Ella please don’t pay me back evil with good after everything
I won’t bear it
I will just kill you I promise you
Oh my!
After everything
I never went to school cos of you!
Is this how you want to repay me?
I just wish all these are imagination
I remembered the day I was beaten black and blue cos I was fighting for Ella


Ella why are you crying? I asked her running close to her

Sister, I was on my way coming back from school when I passed by 3 girls and they called me witch
They said I killed my parents and I told them I will kill their parents same way I killed mine since they are calling me a killer and the three of them beat me up. She said crying and I raged angrily

Whaaaat! Take me to where they are. I said angrily and she walked after me and I followed her

Sister, here they are! She said pointing at them

So you are the fools that called my sister a witch and still beat her up hun?
I will teach you guys lesson
I said, walked towards them and pushed one of them and they fought me back
I was beaten up by them mercilessly and Ella stood looking at me
She didn’t even retaliate nor call for help
They left me there before Ella came and held my hand

Sister I am sorry
Next time, make sure you are strong before you indulge in a fight!
She said and I was shocked


That her statement alone is enough proof to know Ella is ungrateful
I won’t confront you nor my husband now until I get enough proof but I just hope this is not true! I said as tears flowed down my cheeks again

I kept remembering a lot of things I passed through cos of Ella and I couldn’t help it but cried
I checked the time and it was past 3.00am and I closes my eyes to enable me sleep
I didn’t even know when I fell asleep

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