TG Omori reveals why he stopped working with Asake

Renowned Nigerian music video director, TG Omori, has recently shed light on the reasons behind his separation from Asake.

Their collaborative journey took flight last year with the release of the chart-topping single Organize. This partnership immediately turned heads, setting an entirely new standard for the music video industry. The electric synergy between TG Omori and Asake became palpable, captivating fans with their boundless creativity and avant-garde visual storytelling.

As time progressed, the duo embarked on a series of projects, each one outshining the previous in terms of innovation and narrative aesthetics. The music video landscape underwent a transformation, with TG Omori and Asake emerging as formidable creative forces.

However, speculation began circulating when Asake opted to collaborate with different directors for his most recent music videos. Rumours swirled, with many speculating that the Terminator hitmaker might have harboured grievances towards TG Omori, especially following the release of “YOGA,” which did not garner the same level of attention as his previous works.

On September 10, 2023, TG Omori, while conversing with the hosts of the Zero Conditions podcast, talked about his relationship with Asake and why they stopped working together. In the interview, the accomplished director emphasised the unwavering mutual respect he shares with Asake.

TG Omori clarified that Olamide, the revered musician and CEO of the YBNL record label, has always been a staunch advocate for providing opportunities to talented individuals. Therefore, it would be unjust, according to TG Omori, to hold Asake’s decision to collaborate with other directors against him. In an industry that thrives on evolution and collaboration, this perspective underscores the professionalism and camaraderie that define the Nigerian music scene.

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