The “Real Warri Pikin” Reveals Husband’s Role in Her Weight Loss Transformation

Real Warri Pikin, a popular Nigerian comedian, has finally opened up about her incredible journey of weight loss, providing insights into the methods she employed to achieve such impressive results in a relatively short period of time.

The comedian’s striking transformation caught the attention of internet users, arousing curiosity about the secret behind her significant weight loss.

In a recent and impactful development, Real Warri Pikin took to YouTube to share an emotionally charged video, where she sincerely revealed the truth behind her transformation: she underwent weight loss surgery.

Warri Pikin acknowledged that the decision to undergo surgery was not an easy one and required immense courage on her part. She candidly explained that her choice stemmed from health concerns, which were brought to her attention by her husband, Ikechukwu, who revealed that, at some point, it became a matter of life and death.

Additionally, Warri Pikin shared that her husband’s unwavering support played a crucial role in her ultimate decision to undergo the surgery, providing her with heartfelt motivation along the way.

“So na Ikechukwu now dey tell me say I must do a weight loss surgery because he does not want to lose me. It was such a difficult time for me, this was like January 2023, I will cry, I went back to the gym, I will work out, I will eat right, eye go dey turn me because I no fit chop wetin I suppose to chop, it became a very difficult time for me,trying to make a decision to go on weight loss surgery so it could help me lose weight and be well. And then I’m trying to do it naturally, everybody around me has made up their mind except me, it was such a difficult moment for me. At the end of the day, I just woke up one day and said ‘baby I’m ready, let’s do this’ and I took the most difficult decision of my life, I went on weight loss surgery.”

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