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UAE Urges Mideast Ceasefire, Offers Condolences To All Victims – WAM Reported

The United Arab Emirates foreign minister on Friday voiced his country’s concern over the escalation of Israeli-Palestinian violence and called for a ceasefire and the start of a diplomatic dialogue, state news agency WAM reported.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan offered condolences to all victims of the fighting, citing the promise of September accords that made the UAE and Bahrain the first Arab states in a quarter century to establish formal ties with Israel.

“The UAE is alarmed by the escalating spiral of violence in Israel and Palestine. We express our condolences to all victims of the recent fighting, and join others in calling for an immediate cessation of violence and hostilities,” he said.

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“The UAE calls on all parties to take immediate steps to commit to a ceasefire, initiate a political dialogue, and exercise maximum restraint,” the minister added.

“We reflect on the promise that the Abraham Accords hold for current and future generations, to live with their neighbours in peace, dignity and prosperity,” he said, offering his country’s support to all efforts to de-escalate tensions.

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