‘Biting The Fingers Of The Hand That Fed Your Boss’ BNXN Slams Ruger Over Cryptic Post

BNXN has taken new shots as fellow artist Ruger following his recent cryptic post shared on social media about artists.

Award-winning singer and performer BNXN fka Buju has hit back at fellow artist Ruger in a post he shared on his social media platform today, Wednesday, November 23, 2022.

The singer had shared a response to a post Ruger had cryptically shared on his social media platform, where he revealed that some artists force people to listen to their songs through ads and by paying influencers to make the song trend on social media platforms.

In an early post, BNXN had opened up that some Nigerian artists hit the number one spot on the charts without people actually listening to their songs.

His post read:

“I am something. For years now, I have forced my songs down people’s throat whether e sweet abi e no sweet either by too much ads or by paying every influencer to make noise about a song they don’t even like. Or by speeding my song on TIKTOK. WHAT AM I ?”

This prompted BNXN to share a response where he called the singer out, indicating this was a method he also adopted to promote his music.

BNXN’s post read:

biting the fingers of the hand that fed your boss enough to feed you ?? Even when you and your boss use the same strategy?? After all those streaming-farm payments?

BNXN also went on to mention that artists who put in the work in terms of producing quality music are not receiving the dues they deserve. He also indicated that some of the streams do not actually translate to people attending concerts of the artists.

His post added:

Be organic or get the fuck out of my face!! How you got a million views and less than 5k on Spotify ? Are you whining me ? You’re top of the charts and you’re not choking me in the streets like Asake? just tiktoks? Are you silly ?

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